All you want is a nice picture of the whole family (with you in it) where everyone looks nice, is that too much to ask?? Sometimes it can feel practically impossible! The only solution is to book a family session at Jill Garvie Photography studio and let me take all of the stress out of it for you.

All you need to do is prepare- so here are my top 5 tips to make your family session a success!

Tip 1- Book a consultation

Happy family at their photoshoot at Jill Garvie Photographer in Edinburgh

If you want to know how it’s done, ask the expert! I see hundreds of families a year and with each session I do I get better and better at recognising what makes a shoot go well. What better way to help you prepare than coming in to the studio and sitting down with me for a cuppa and a chat about it. I offer a completely free consultation either over the phone, via Zoom or at my East Lothian studio just outside Edinburgh. It’s a great way to let me know what you are looking for, see the space first hand and ask any questions you might have. (I only ask you to pay a fully refundable deposit to ensure the sessions are attended.)

Tip 2- Pick a date and time that works!

Big sister and little brother at family photoshoot in Jill Garvie Photography studio, Edinburgh
Sister and Brother love

Choosing a day and time may seem simple enough, just fit it in when were free right?! Well yes but there’s a couple of other things to take into consideration too. Firstly, don’t pick a day when you have a load of other things on. You do not want to feel rushed at your appointment or overwhelmed in the morning. If the kids have parties later or it’s a busy morning for sports practice then look at another day. You want to have the time to get everyone sorted and to the studio photo ready. You want to have the energy to get yourself looking your best and not running out the door forgetting your favourite top! You do not want kids who are tired or cold from running about all morning or a toddler that wants lunch or a nap or both.

Pick a day that you will have space and time this shoot a priority and I promise it will pay off.

Tip 3- Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Stewart family photoshoot at Edinburgh photo studio
Photo of the Stewart Family at their family photoshoot in Edinburgh

What you wear and how you all look will make a huge difference to how these photographs turn out! I know, that sounds obvious but you would be surprised at the level of detail you need to go into.

Plan the outfits first and make sure to co-ordinate the family, choose a colour palette and stick to it. Avoid anything that has patterns, writing or bright colours. Usually we will do 2 backdrops so bring a change of outfit or even just top. Get everyone a haircut (or book in for after your next haircut is due) Get nails, even toenails sorted. Bring along hairbrushes, straighteners and even your make up bag if you like, I have lots of space available if you need to freshen up. Don’t forget about yourself too, make sure you factor in enough to to get yourself ready and wearing something that flatters you and you feel nice in.

Tip 4- Make the day as stress free as possible!

Brothers and sister at their photoshoot at Jill Garvie photography studio, Edinburgh

Ok so as long as you’ve followed tip number 3 then this should be a given, if you are prepared and ready then your shoot day should go off without a hitch. Plan to get to me about 5-10 minutes before so that you have time to get in and settled. If anyone is sick please contact me to reschedule, it makes no sense to bring a poorly little one out and I also don’t want to catch anything. If you are running late, that’s ok, these things happen. Just give me a call to let me know so I can be prepared.

Tip 5- Trust me!

Extended family at the family photoshoot at Jill Garvie Photography studio in Edinburgh

Once you walk through my door it’s my turn to take charge. I do this all the time and I know how to get it all on track. I’ll entertain the kids, I’ll boss around the grandparents and I’ll get the shots we want. One thing mums and dads sometimes forget is that they are in the photographs too and we get lots of worried or stressed out looks (Ok so its an accurate version but not what you want to put on the wall.) So relax, enjoy the fun and keep on smiling, you will love the results!

I can’t wait to welcome you and your family to the studio!!