You planned it all so well, booked in during pregnancy and you’re all set to book your session when baby is born and then 2020 happens and were in lockdown when your little one arrives! I have so many clients who just feel so disappointed and cheated out of coming for a newborn session. The beautiful images you dreamed about of your precious little bundle are not going to happen and its just not fair! Well if 2020 has taught me anything it’s that we just have to roll with the punches and I have taken photographs of babies of all ages this year, from 3 weeks to 4 months. I know, I know I’ve always said its best to do them at 10-14 days old but if that doesn’t happen the next stage can be pretty special too! Here’s why you don’t really need “Newborn” photos!

Sophia – 5 weeks

Meet baby Sophia. Born early November 2020 Sophia was all booked in for her session at 2 weeks old when she had a little bit of trouble feeding and had to cancel her session until she was feeling better. Now this happens a lot, oftentimes its a bumpy ride those first few weeks and we have to reschedule sessions for baby’s benefit. Of course baby’s health is Mummy, Daddy and My top priority but a lot of the time Mum is worried we won’t get those sleepy baby images we planned for. The truth is that we can shoot Newborn style images on babies up to around 8-12 weeks old. They will probably sleep for some of the session and they will definately be absolutely adorable too! This gorgeous image of Sophia was one of so many perfect “Newborn style’ shots we got at her session and Mummy and Daddy were over the moon with her gallery.

Cartner – 8 weeks

Meet Cartner. Born during the first lockdown Cartner was the first baby I had back in the studio in July 2020. He was 8 weeks old by the time I got to meet him and he had already grown so much in that time. He slept for a lot of the session and we got so many gorgeous images of him sleeping. We also got lots of images of him with his big brother and sister and all his family. His gallery is so special, the images we took on that day were so perfect and will definitely be treasured forever!

Jessie – 10 weeks

Jessie came to the studio at 10 weeks old and rocked her session. The perfect baby gallery we got sleepy, Newborn style images and wide awake smiling images too. Jessie’s Mummy was over the moon with the results.

Cole – 16 weeks

Cole was born April 2020 at the very beginning of lockdown. we eventually managed to have him and his big brother along in July on reopening and he was simply perfect. We got a real variety of images all wide awake and smiling! I was lucky enough to have photographed his brother at Newborn age a few years earlier and Mummy loved that the galleries were so different and that Cole had such an interesting story to tell around his birth.

Mason – 17 weeks

Mason was born on the 20th March 2020. All booked in for his Newborn session we thought we would get it done just before lockdown. Unfortunately Boris had other ideas and shut us down before we got the chance. Mummy and Daddy were so disappointed and I was too. I can still vividly remember that feeling having to contact clients and cancel the sessions they were so excited for. Well as soon as lockdown was lifted in July we booked Mason in and WOW, he did not disappoint! Smiles, giggles the full works and those beautiful eyes were made to be seen.

Whatever your babies age I promise you, the images we take at your session will be special and treasured forever whether they end up being 5 weeks old or 15 weeks old. Hang on in there Mama, your doing an amazing job!