Whether you had a newborn session with your baby or you missed the chance when they were very little you could be looking at getting a baby milestone photo shoot – I don’t need to tell you that they change so fast in that first year.  Each stage is more and more exciting as they grow and start to notice the world around them.  Baby milestone sessions can take place at 3-6 and 6-9 months old and the images produced are beautiful and timeless.

Photograph of Baby 8 Months old at photography studio Edinburgh

3-6 months old – Tummy time sessions

By 3 months old your baby will be alert, smiling and taking a real interest in what’s going on.  They will be starting to work on grasp and as their little minds start to recognise faces they will be making eye contact.  You may even be starting to work on strengthening their head and neck by trying a little “tummy time”

All of these little milestones are what we are trying to capture in a Tummy time session.

Photograph of baby at 16 weeks old taken at photography studio Edinburgh

6-9 months old – Sitter sessions

At around 6 months your baby could be starting to master head strength and be approaching Sitting unaided.  They are fully aware of what’s around them and very interested in people and faces and colours.  They will have a full range of expressions to show emotion, each one more adorable and hilarious than the last!  Once your baby can confidently sit unaided you can book your sitter session and we get to capture this amazing and exciting time for your baby.

Photograph of baby at 6 - 9 months old taken at Jill Garvie Photography studio Musselburgh

When to book

You can book either of these sessions whenever you like but I strongly recommend you booking once you know baby will be happy to perform.  For Tummy time sessions we want baby confidently pushing up on hands and able to hold her head up for a few minutes at a time.  Any younger and they will get tired and grumpy pretty quick!

For sitter sessions again we want baby to be able to sit unaided for a few minutes at a time so that they don’t get tired too quickly or flip over too much.  It’s worth the wait for a few weeks to make sure your little one is ready for the session as they will definitely tell you if they are not!

Bear in mind-

When booking your session give some thought to when baby is likely to be in the best of moods.  For some little ones they are most fun after the mid morning nap, some babies are on top form after lunch.  It’s best to try to fit your session around baby rather than your own schedule to make sure it goes as well as can be!

Photograph of Baby at 6 - 9 months old taken at Jill Garvie Photography studio in Edinburgh

Before your session

Once your session is booked I will send over all the information you will need to get ready for the big day.  Including information on how to get yourself and baby ready, what to wear and how to get to the studio.

I will also send you a questionnaire to fill in with your preferences on styling the session.  Try to give as much information as possible at this stage so that I can create looks I think you will love.  The best place to find inspiration is on my website or social media pages.  This is where you will find my most up to date images- everything you see in the images belongs to me (apart form the baby of course.) and it will be available for you to use.

Photograph of Baby girl 6 - 9 months old taken at Jill Garvie Photography studio in Edinburgh

On the day

When you arrive at the studio we will sit down together and have a chat.  I’ll be asking more questions about your styling ideas and what you want from the session and we will plan together on how the session will go.  I will talk about set ups, colours and outfits you would like.  (I have a range of outfits for all ages available for use.)  I’m really trying to create a picture in my mind of your perfect gallery.  I’ll then leave you to get baby ready and I’ll finish setting up.  Before we start the session I will show you all the sets I’ve created for you.  You can have input at this stage and let me know if there’s anything you don’t like or want to change.  

Photograph of baby 3 - 6 months old taken at Jill Garvie Photography studio in Edinburgh

During the session 

Baby milestone sessions usually have to go quite quickly.  Baby will have only a certain amount of patience for the strange lady with the camera and all the noise and movement.  I will be getting the shots I want to get and moving on.  I will direct you on how to help me get the shots and we can stop for outfit changes along the way.

Baby will tell me when she has had enough and that’s where we will all it a day. 

Photograph of baby girl 8 months old taken at Jill Garvie Photography studio Edinburgh

After your session 

Before leaving the studio we will schedule a date for you to come back to your ordering appointment and that’s when I spend time editing and preparing your gallery. 

Your ordering appointment can be anything from 1-4 weeks after your session depending on how quickly you would like to come back in.

You will be viewing anything up to 30+ images and I have a range of packages to choose from.  I always recommend you have a look through my package options before you return and have an idea of how much you want to spend and what types of products you want to purchase.  It’s a great way to start the viewing appointment as it gives us something to work towards.  I am not a salesperson- (I hate salespeople.) but I do have ideas on how images go together and good ways to display them so you can ask me for my advice and I’ll do my best to guide you.

Photograph of 8 month old Baby boy taken at Jill Garvie Photography studio in Edinburgh

After your ordering appointment.

Any digital images you order will come to you on that day.  I will upload and send them as soon as you have made payment.  Any printed images or wall art products will be ordered that week with orders going in on a Friday.  The print lab I use usually has a few weeks turnaround on products so I aim to have your artwork to you within 4 weeks.

There can occasionally be delays but I do my best to minimise and I will let you know if they are delayed.

Photograph of 3 month old baby taken at Jill Garvie Photography studio Musselburgh

Contact me now for more information or to make a booking.